Welcome Guys, I am Nenadd Chandorkar. I run a company called “HostingDuty” which provides web hosting solutions. Besides that I also work as a Website / WebApp developer. I am an Artificial Intelligence Enthusiast and I like exploring new technologies. This website is all about my experiences as a CEO and developer. I will be also writing on things I know better than others.

The Startup Trend

I will put light on startup trend which is the buzz of town this days. Is it really worth chasing the startup dream? What exactly you require to make a good startup. DOs and DON’Ts of starting a startup in India. Why many startup fails and many such questions.


I am Nenadd Chandorkar, I run a company called “HostingDuty” which basically focuses on providing cheap and reliable web hosting. Besides that I think I am a good coder and I can code in PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails to name a few. I love managing servers more than writing codes for Applications. I have good hands on “CentOS”, “Red Hat” and “Ubuntu Server”.  This website will depict my story. I will be writing my life experiences, All new things which I will learn in the way. It will be an exciting journey.


How do ransomware infections happen?

How do ransomware infections happen? Though the infection phase is slightly different for each ransomware version, the key stages are the following: Initially, the victim receives an email which includes a malicious link or a malware-laden attachment. Alternatively, the infection can originate from a malicious website that delivers a security exploit to create a backdoor …


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